Most impressive Yoga studio!?

ashtari yoga

A house on the hills of Lombok with the most impressive Yoga studio! Woke up early and drove all the way up to the Ashtari Yoga studio. It is a platform with a view of Lombok's coast line. The rising sun was shining on this beautiful landscape and illuminated the studio with warm bright morning light.

Focus Creativecoin

lots of tribes, lots of tokens, lots of topics. In the end you gotta choose on what topic you want to focus. For me it is easy to choose. I decided long before the different communities popping up on what i am focusing. What excited me? whats fun for me? i funded the perfspots project which is about travel and crypto. I create content about those topics through:

  • photography
  • video
  • text
  • audio

So it was easy for me to realize that creativecoin is a home for me! I love to be creative with this type of content. Im staking! what about you?

Bought Steemleo miners and stacked!

The title actually says it all! i decided to buy Steemleo mega miners to the actual price on Steem-Engine. Since Steemleo mega miners are sold on the open market this price is determined by supply and demand. Bought and instantly stacked them.

disclaimer: this is no sponsored post. this is no financial advice, it is my own  opinion and you should do your own research before investing.

i am not a huge investor and this is not a mega investment but buying a miner means believing in a project long term wise. And this is what i do. For now i "only" bought two miners but depending on how things change and the prices will change ill buy more in the future.

Why Steemleo?

Before i joined the Steem Blockchain i invested in stocks to put my savings to work. After Joining the Crypto world i launched a Dtube Inspiration show where i've produced vlogs talking about all things crypto, investments and lifestyle. I will continue this series and Steemleo is the best place for it. Besides the theme and the topic of investing which i'm interested in, the team of Steemleo is doing a great job of managing the token economy. Burning tokens, release reports, develop use cases etc. that's why i am confident in the future of this Tribe. May the Lion roar!

Upload from Instagram to!

Did you know that you can upload a video from Instagram directly to Its super simple, just go to a video you have posted to Insta, copy the URL of the site you are visiting with your browser amd copy it in to the upload field on Set a tag and choose how many DTC coins you wamt to burn to promote it. Thats it. Your instagram video is now promoted and ready to be watched on the platform. Isnt it amazing? It blew my mind and made meeven more confident about the success of it takes video discovery to a new level. Imagine to search and discover video content from several different platforms in just one place. Awesome! us currently running on a test token (DTC) but as soon as it is running stable there will be a token launched and airdropped to active Dtubers. Ready to invest and build up a whole new video economy. Super exciting!


Ps. Im running a node and ranked as a leader, consider to vote for me if you think id be a reliable leader. Thank you.


Reviewhunt is out and it looks amazing

Reviewhunt the second platform developed by the Steemhunt team just launched. Already the landing page looked great and especially the countdown page with the burning colorful flames was amazing. Now the platform itself is beautifully developed. i really love the simple but functional user interface und user experience design. Today i had a first look at it and already linked my account with my social media channels. after completing my channel information i have done some first tasks and everything worked smooth. I am really excited about this brand new platform running with their own HUNT token and it is connected to Steem as well!

Check out the platform right here.


Diversifying in Crypto

When it comes to my crypto holdings im mainly invested in Steem. Why? First, because i believe in the potential of this blockchain and second because it is beneficial for my perfspots project in terms of promoting the comtent i produce. Lately i diversified with Bitcoin. Diversification brings financial stability, always! The more diversified you are the more stable is your financial situation. Thats the rule of thumb.

Secondly i wanted to test out the steem-engine exchange. If you think this is a sponsored post, it is not. Steem-Engine offers trades with 0 fees, only a 1% deposit and withdrawal fee is charged and thats nothing compared to other coin exchanges on the market. So i had to thest it. Within seconds i deposited some steemp (steempegged) and bought a fraction of a Bitcoin (BTCp - Bitcoin pegged). Easy - fast - cheap. Now im diversified, at least a little bit. To the steem engine team: "well done guys!".


{This is no financial advice. This is my personal opinion. You should do your own research.}


Surfing Bingin Beach

surfing bingin beach

Have you ever heard of surfing Bingin Beach? probably not! it is not one of those super known spots, nevertheless its also not a top secret spot. What i can say is that the beach has been spared by mass tourism and that's cool. There is no huge mega hotel with hundreds of rooms. I'll be honest here, the beach perhaps not the most beautiful one to sunbath and the rocky environment makes it tricky to go for a relaxed swim without hurting your feet. So let's talk about surfing Bingin Beach!

The Surfing Bingin Beach video on Youtube. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel

How to get to Bingin Beach?

I already made a detailed Blogpost about the Bingin Beach itself so i'll quote this section here and you can read more information about where to stay and how to get there on this post.

"Bingin Beach is situated in the southern part of Bali, the region of Uluwatu. Bali has its own airport in Denpansar which is 35 min car drive away from Bingin Beach. Book a hotel close to the beach or park your scooter at the beach parking. Just google for “bingin beach parking”. From the parking should be street signs leading to the beach. The way leads through unconventional narrow streets through the buildings in front of the beach. sometimes the way seems to be wrong but trust the signs your on the right track."


bingin beach surf

The drop: the surfer is on top of a clean faced wave building up on the Bingin Beach reef.

Beach or Reef break?

Surfing Bingin Beach means dealing with sharp rocks. It is a reef break and i can highly recommend you to wear water shoes. I cut my feet, not very dramatic but you can hurt yourself seriously if you're not carefully, especially on low tide. I even saw some people surfing with helmets. Always stay safe buddy.

tube bingin beach

After a successful drop the surfer maneuvers himself slightly into that beautiful tube.


Is there a Surf school?

Yes, there are one or two surf schools. I've never participated in a lesson nor have i analysed their teaching style, but what i can remember is that some locals paddle out with you and teach you how they surf. So don't expect a "WSL" internationally certificated pro surf school.

surfing bali

Ending the ride with splashing up a some sea water. great job!

Can i rent a board in Bingin Beach?

Of course you can! The surf schools offer boards for beginners but you will also get some smaller specimens if you are a more advanced surfer. I think there is even a shaper, because they offer board repairs right by the beach. I mean in case you f* up your board shredding too hard. haha.

About Bali

Bali is one of the Islands in the southern part of Indonesia. Mostly there is tropical warm weather on the Island. The Island has an airport in the capital city of Denpasar which is situated in the South of Bali. The most beautiful month on Bali is September and the Rainy Season lasts from the end of november until the end of march. Most people speak balinese or indonesian on the island. We travelled Bali for a month. We landed in Denpasar in the south of Bali and went up to the north. We stayed in places like Nusa Dua, Canggu, Ubud and Pemuteran.

The Perfspots Project

Perfspots stands for Perfect Spots. My passion is to explore places I've never been before. While running a startup, i travel as much as possible. Here i share the Perfect Spots i enjoyed the most. Spots you can get a great meal, sip a coffee with a breathtaking view or experience an exciting adventure. learn more about the project.



Bali travel

Steem is about to get listed on Daybit!

steem chart

I just opened my mailbox and besides a couple of business e-mails and spam i noticed some familiar words: STEEM & SBD!
Opening up this e-mail and reading through it made excited. They have already announced it but it is finally about to happen.

steem daybit

This is the official e-mail i received from Daybit. They are now finally about to list Steem on their exchange.
It say that the exact time will be 2019.03.29 14:00:00 (UTC +9)

Daybit used to be one of the top exchanges in the market. they had a setback but the concept is great and its really a exchange you can trust.
I am signed up and got a referral link ready, if you sign up with this one you get some extra +20% of their Day tokens.
Click here to get to Daybit with the referral link

This really makes me excited because the more places Steem is being listed the more exposure the whole environment gets.
I'd say it is just a matter of time until the real value of Steem is being recognized in the crypto sphere.

Have you heard of Senggigi Beach?

senggigi beach

Newest upload on the tube is our adventure day to the Beach of Senggigi. Besides two bigger resorts like the Sheraton hotel and the Kila resort, there are not that many hotels. That means the beach is not as crowded as you might experienced it in Bali in some spots. In the evening we ate dinner in the Puri Mas resort close to Senggigi and later in the evening we enjoyed a dance show of different artists and a traditional fight show. Enjoy!

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The Perfspots Liveticker

You might know livetickers from sport events, where websites update a webpage with everything that happens in a match. those livetickers are especially for people who want to know what is happening live and right now, in that match or event, but are not able to turn on a radio or a television, for example when theyre at work. Now the liveticker is a great tool to keep people up to date about events in form of mostly text but pictures, videos, audio and links to external sites as well.

Now the Perfspots liveticker will cover my daily activity of the project. When i am travelling or on an adventure i will post here where i am at the moment and a short term log of what happened, whats around me, or some thoughts i had in this moment. And when i am in the office working on content production i'll cover updates about Social Media channels and the project status in general

Just tune in every day on

or i will link some of my liveticker posts on social media as well. Read the introduction-post of this liveticker here.

perfspots liveticker