Bought Steemleo miners and stacked!

The title actually says it all! i decided to buy Steemleo mega miners to the actual price on Steem-Engine. Since Steemleo mega miners are sold on the open market this price is determined by supply and demand. Bought and instantly stacked them.

disclaimer: this is no sponsored post. this is no financial advice, it is my own  opinion and you should do your own research before investing.

i am not a huge investor and this is not a mega investment but buying a miner means believing in a project long term wise. And this is what i do. For now i "only" bought two miners but depending on how things change and the prices will change ill buy more in the future.

Why Steemleo?

Before i joined the Steem Blockchain i invested in stocks to put my savings to work. After Joining the Crypto world i launched a Dtube Inspiration show where i've produced vlogs talking about all things crypto, investments and lifestyle. I will continue this series and Steemleo is the best place for it. Besides the theme and the topic of investing which i'm interested in, the team of Steemleo is doing a great job of managing the token economy. Burning tokens, release reports, develop use cases etc. that's why i am confident in the future of this Tribe. May the Lion roar!

Diversifying in Crypto

When it comes to my crypto holdings im mainly invested in Steem. Why? First, because i believe in the potential of this blockchain and second because it is beneficial for my perfspots project in terms of promoting the comtent i produce. Lately i diversified with Bitcoin. Diversification brings financial stability, always! The more diversified you are the more stable is your financial situation. Thats the rule of thumb.

Secondly i wanted to test out the steem-engine exchange. If you think this is a sponsored post, it is not. Steem-Engine offers trades with 0 fees, only a 1% deposit and withdrawal fee is charged and thats nothing compared to other coin exchanges on the market. So i had to thest it. Within seconds i deposited some steemp (steempegged) and bought a fraction of a Bitcoin (BTCp - Bitcoin pegged). Easy - fast - cheap. Now im diversified, at least a little bit. To the steem engine team: "well done guys!".


{This is no financial advice. This is my personal opinion. You should do your own research.}