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"This world has more to offer than we can explore in a lifetime." -Ivan about the Perfspots Travel Project

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1. Why

When we travel, we discover new cultures, new food and untouched nature. But the most important thing is: we learn!

While travelling we learn things you won't learn in any school, things nobody can teach you, things you won't read in any book.
Travelling teaches you how this world and the society, we live in, really is. Without beeing manipulated by politics or media. You will experience our world with all your senses, raw and real!

2. How

There are different ways and styles to travel. Most people make the excuse they have not enough money to travel. Travel is nothing more than explore a place you have never been to and all the things happening there. You do not need to get around the world. To travel means to discover your surroundings with the free time you have combined with the budget you have. And back to the excuse, we all can manage to get free time and trvelling even works on a super low budget. For example pack a tent, some goods and leave walking on your next free weekend: thats travelling!

3. What

Whit the Perfspots project i am creating content through photography and film to inspire you to get out there and discover this raw and real world. I try to discover the perfect spots our planet has to offer. On my way i recommend you places to stay, places to eat, experiences not to miss and thoughts while on the hunt. And never forget to enjoy the journey!

I started Perfspots to combine my love for traveling and the passion for photography and film. The project has been founded in August 2016, since then it grew constantly. This Page visualizes the success, shows the impact for advertisers and has the aim to keep me motivated.



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Nikon D7100 
GoPro 3+
Camera Stabilizer 
Portable Harddisk
Apple MacBook Air
The North Face Backpack 
Dji Mavic Pro Drone 

You'll get the best prices on these links, when you book a room or purchase something on Amazone for your equipment i earn a small provision which keeps my project running. Thank you!

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