Mrs Macquaries Point

The Mrs Macquarie's Point in Sydney, Australia

A beautiful walk along the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney you get to the Mrs Macquaries Point. Once you arrive there you'll be rewarded with a beautiful View on Sydney's skyline. The best thing is that you get the composition with Sydneys famous Operahouse and the Harbourbridge right behind it. This is what i call a Perfspot!

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Sand dunes in Sandy Cape

Sand dunes in Sandy Cape near Jurien Bay, Australia

The wind blowes the Sand and stack it to those aestethically formed mountains. It's a special experience climbing those mountains. A soft step in the warm sand. Get yourself a sandboard and slide em down, thats fun.

La Cumbrecita

La Cumbrecita near Cordoba, Argentina

Eureka Skydeck

The Eureka Tower Skydeck 88 in Melbourne, Australia

This tower is one of the highest in Australia and you can clearly feel the hight in the elevator when it shoots up to the 88th floor. Up there you get a 360 degrees view over Melbourne. I speend hours on this skydeck observing the people hurrying around like ants.

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Booked a tour up to the hill where the proud christ is standing. Pick up at the hotel lobby. A bus ride trough the Tijuca jungle. Seeing a lot of exotic animals. Getting closer to this monument. parked near the top. Choose the stairway or the lift to get up to the platform. Get a stunning 360 degree view over beautiful rio de Janeiro. Perfspots aproved