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We want more. More money. More status. More clothes. A faster car. One more fancy watch. '
Things are produced to fulfill those needs. Produced with the resources this earth provides. And the resources renew over time. The problem is when we consume more than the earth is capable of renewing, we will destroy this planet and ourselves too. This is logical thinking, no fancy numbers needed.
Why do you want more? Is this shiney watch making you happy and fulfilled? Perhaps, but only for a limited time i guess. Then you need something new.
Reduction is a solution
Reduce what you consume. Less clothes. Less meat. Less plastic. Less flights.
If you're struggling with reduction try to work on your mindset and your values.
Disclaimer: i'm not judging anyone and i'm not convincing that i live a perfect lifestyle. I'm working on it because i believe only when we change and inspire others, slowly but steady our society and the economy will shift to a better direction.


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