The Magic of the Taman Sari

taman sari

Taman Sari is a water castle in Yogyakarta. It is called water castle because the sultan that built that castle enjoyed three swimming pools in there. One of them only for himself, one for the guests and one for the kids. Besides the castle there are mystic underground tunnels leading to hidden rooms! It was an adventure to explore this place

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The Taman Sari water castle Vlog

The Taman Sari Water Castle in Yogyakarta is one of the most famous sights in the city. It is known for the “instagrammable” spots, which means spots you can take great pictures for Instagram. This fact that visitors love to take pictures there simply means that it is a very aesthetic place. And it definitely is! The architecture of the castle, the tunnel and the surrounding buildings is simply fantastic. This place is called water castle because it has three swimming pools in it. One for the sultan, one for the guests and the third for the children. Besides the castle itself there is a tunnel which leads to a shrine called “Sumur Gumuling” which is well known for its patio where four stairs led to a platform in the middle. this is where you want to stand and take a photo and it is also a spot i will always keep in remembrance.

Indonesia has so much to offer. Explore beautiful layers of rice fields. Visit detail-rich temples or mosques and learn about the Indonesian culture. Drive along stunning landscapes. Hike up a volcano and enjoy the sunrise at the edge of a crater. Grab a board and ride one of those perfectly shaped waves. Eat through Indonesia diverse kitchens. Countless things to do and to see. this is Indonesia.

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Pelourinho, old town of Salvador

Pelourinho, old town of Salvador, in Brazil.

One Building stacked on the other. The Streets drops down and goes straight up again, like a wave made out of stone. An impressive view along those buildings. The facades are painted in beautiful colours, shining bridely in the sunlight.

Strolling along Pelourinho is an unforgettable experience!

Eureka Skydeck

The Eureka Tower Skydeck 88 in Melbourne, Australia

This tower is one of the highest in Australia and you can clearly feel the hight in the elevator when it shoots up to the 88th floor. Up there you get a 360 degrees view over Melbourne. I speend hours on this skydeck observing the people hurrying around like ants.