Things to see in Córdoba Argentina

Landed in Córdoba Argentina

The plane touched the ground and it started to rumble. It was a good landing and scattered people started to applaud. I realized there's no return, im in Cordoba, Argentina now. Grabbed my backpack from the luggage belt, inhaled deeply and went through the customs. I spend four days in the city and want to show where to stay and what to see in Córdoba Argentina.

A shot Vlog about the city and things to see in Córdoba, Argentina. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel

old car Córdoba Argentina

A city with surprises

I've been invited to Córdoba, Argentina by three friends. I had no expectations. Arriving there i was surprised how many beautiful spots this city has to offer. The clash between modern architecture and and old brick buildings. Delicious Restaurants, great nightlife and just a few minutes drive and your in the nature.

Campus of Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba has big universities with a lot of students and a beautiful campus area.

Things to see in Córdoba Argentina

The stunning Capuchin Church. The catholic church of Córdoba.

Capuchin Church Córdoba Argentina

The Interior of the Capuchin Church.

Puente del Bicentenario

The famous twin-bridge "Puente del Bicentenario".

Architecture Córdoba Argentina

You'll find gorgeous brick buildings in Córdoba Argentina.

Architecture Córdoba Argentina

The clash of modern and aged.

park córdoba argentina

Paseo del Buen Pastor

The "Paseo del Buen Pastor" a cultur centre in the city center.

Gallery of Arts Córdoba

The entree of the Gallery of Arts.

symmetry Gallery

The Interior of the Gallery.

Cathedral of Córdoba Argentina

Cathedral of Córdoba Argentina

old train station Córdoba Argentina

The old train station.

Córdoba is the secont largest city in Argentina after the capital city Buenos Aires. It is known as a university city. lots of students enjoy studying in Córdoba because of the good university infrastructure and the life costs are lower than in Buenos Aires. That means a lot young folks in the city and shows up in a great nightlife.

government house Córdoba Argentina

The modern government house in the center.

street vendor argentina

streetlife córdoba Argentina


market Córdoba Argentina

sunset argentina

Ending the Citytrip with a stunning sunset!


A Stopover at BEAUTIFULLY designed Paris Airport

On my Journey to Córdoba, Argentina i had a stopover at Paris Airport.

I was surprised by the beautiful architecture of this Airport. I had two hours waiting time till my next flight to Buenos Aires but the time flew by while exploring. Shops, cafes, busy people walking around. An airport always has a special atmosphere to me.

Cought in Paris Airport

Somehow you are caought in there but in the other hand you are free from responsibilities and tasks. Its an atmosphere i somehow enjoy.

The very first Vlog i recorded, some of the footage is a bit shaky, some is already pretty cinematic i would say. Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Paris Airport impressions

Gate Paris Airport

Waiting at the gate in Paris Airport, France.

tunnel paris airport

The tunnel which leads to the plane boarding.

turbine paris airport

Then, finally boarding the plane, goodbye Paris Airport!

Paris plane window

View out of the plane window on Paris by night. Can you spot the Eiffel Tower?

Argentina plane window

After a horrible sleep, as always, i woke up somewhere over Argentina. Córdoba here i come!

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The beginning of something great!

Into the blue

This was the beginning. This is were my journey started, an adventure trough South America. I had quit my job packed my camera and clothes into a rucksack and went on the plane to travel the world. Some savings on the bank account.

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff

Sold my Car, the motorbike and all the unnecessary belongigs i used to have back than. i was somehow not happy with my life. thinking about sitting in an office nine to five working for the weekends and vacations was a horrible routine. the main decision of this trip was to get my mind free, find out what i really love to do and what i want to do with this precious and limited "thing" called life. Looking back to this time i realize it was perhaps the best decision i've ever made! It was the beginning of something great.

Solo Travel

It was somehow scary to leave everything behing and just leave all alone on a trip to perhaps not the safest continent. I sat in that plane and could feel my heart beat. But it felt like an emotional cocktail of fear, joy and a sense of freedom. I felt alive!

The very first Vlog i recorded, some of the footage is a bit shaky, some is already pretty cinematic i would say. Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ivan Snz ⛛ (@perfspots) am

I Flew from Zurich Airport to Cordoba, Argentina. In the Airport of Paris, which has a beautiful architecture, i had a stopover.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ivan Snz ⛛ (@perfspots) am

It was already night when i arrived but my friends could not wait to show me around an brought me to the Citycenter with a modern designed and lighten up government building. This was the beginning of much more adventures!