The beginning of something great!

Into the blue

This was the beginning. This is were my journey started, an adventure trough South America. I had quit my job packed my camera and clothes into a rucksack and went on the plane to travel the world. Some savings on the bank account.

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff

Sold my Car, the motorbike and all the unnecessary belongigs i used to have back than. i was somehow not happy with my life. thinking about sitting in an office nine to five working for the weekends and vacations was a horrible routine. the main decision of this trip was to get my mind free, find out what i really love to do and what i want to do with this precious and limited "thing" called life. Looking back to this time i realize it was perhaps the best decision i've ever made! It was the beginning of something great.

Solo Travel

It was somehow scary to leave everything behing and just leave all alone on a trip to perhaps not the safest continent. I sat in that plane and could feel my heart beat. But it felt like an emotional cocktail of fear, joy and a sense of freedom. I felt alive!

The very first Vlog i recorded, some of the footage is a bit shaky, some is already pretty cinematic i would say. Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ivan Snz ⛛ (@perfspots) am

I Flew from Zurich Airport to Cordoba, Argentina. In the Airport of Paris, which has a beautiful architecture, i had a stopover.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ivan Snz ⛛ (@perfspots) am

It was already night when i arrived but my friends could not wait to show me around an brought me to the Citycenter with a modern designed and lighten up government building. This was the beginning of much more adventures!


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