The Iguazu Falls

Iguazu falls

This is me standing in front of the Iguazu Falls. or in Portuguese: Foz do Iguaçu.
in size the BIGGEST waterfall in the world!
The Iguaçu Falls or in Portuguese: Foz do Iguaçu is the world biggest waterfall. The waterfall is situated right on the boarders between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Precisely there is an Argentinian and a Brazilian side of the falls.

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The tour to the Iguazu Falls 

There are different ways to explore this amazing place. Entering the park there are busses waiting for you which pick you up and brings you to a platform where you have an awesome view on the Iguazu Falls. This platform is right in front of the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas. From there you can walk straight down some pathways and stairs to the Foz do Iguaçu area. From this area a huge lift brings you up to the Restaurant's: a fast food restaurant and a buffet style restaurant. Or before taking the lift make sure to walk out the footbridge which brings you to the perfect spot right where the biggest Iguazu falls crash into each other. This spot is called Devil’s Throat.

Devil's Throat

the footbridge to the Devil's Throat.

How to get to the Iguazu Falls?

We went on a travel Bus from Londrina. It was pretty comfortable to sleep in the Bus for 7 hours and then we arrived. But you can easily go on a plane from São Paulo directly to the city of Foz do Iguaçu. There is a little Airport. Our stay was in the city of Foz do Iguaçu too, you don’t need to stay in park itself. From the City you can easily get to the park and the Iguazu Falls with public transportation.

Foz do Iguaçu

Things to see in Córdoba Argentina

Landed in Córdoba Argentina

The plane touched the ground and it started to rumble. It was a good landing and scattered people started to applaud. I realized there's no return, im in Cordoba, Argentina now. Grabbed my backpack from the luggage belt, inhaled deeply and went through the customs. I spend four days in the city and want to show where to stay and what to see in Córdoba Argentina.

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old car Córdoba Argentina

A city with surprises

I've been invited to Córdoba, Argentina by three friends. I had no expectations. Arriving there i was surprised how many beautiful spots this city has to offer. The clash between modern architecture and and old brick buildings. Delicious Restaurants, great nightlife and just a few minutes drive and your in the nature.

Campus of Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba has big universities with a lot of students and a beautiful campus area.

Things to see in Córdoba Argentina

The stunning Capuchin Church. The catholic church of Córdoba.

Capuchin Church Córdoba Argentina

The Interior of the Capuchin Church.

Puente del Bicentenario

The famous twin-bridge "Puente del Bicentenario".

Architecture Córdoba Argentina

You'll find gorgeous brick buildings in Córdoba Argentina.

Architecture Córdoba Argentina

The clash of modern and aged.

park córdoba argentina

Paseo del Buen Pastor

The "Paseo del Buen Pastor" a cultur centre in the city center.

Gallery of Arts Córdoba

The entree of the Gallery of Arts.

symmetry Gallery

The Interior of the Gallery.

Cathedral of Córdoba Argentina

Cathedral of Córdoba Argentina

old train station Córdoba Argentina

The old train station.

Córdoba is the secont largest city in Argentina after the capital city Buenos Aires. It is known as a university city. lots of students enjoy studying in Córdoba because of the good university infrastructure and the life costs are lower than in Buenos Aires. That means a lot young folks in the city and shows up in a great nightlife.

government house Córdoba Argentina

The modern government house in the center.

street vendor argentina

streetlife córdoba Argentina


market Córdoba Argentina

sunset argentina

Ending the Citytrip with a stunning sunset!


The beginning of something great!

Into the blue

This was the beginning. This is were my journey started, an adventure trough South America. I had quit my job packed my camera and clothes into a rucksack and went on the plane to travel the world. Some savings on the bank account.

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff

Sold my Car, the motorbike and all the unnecessary belongigs i used to have back than. i was somehow not happy with my life. thinking about sitting in an office nine to five working for the weekends and vacations was a horrible routine. the main decision of this trip was to get my mind free, find out what i really love to do and what i want to do with this precious and limited "thing" called life. Looking back to this time i realize it was perhaps the best decision i've ever made! It was the beginning of something great.

Solo Travel

It was somehow scary to leave everything behing and just leave all alone on a trip to perhaps not the safest continent. I sat in that plane and could feel my heart beat. But it felt like an emotional cocktail of fear, joy and a sense of freedom. I felt alive!

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ivan Snz ⛛ (@perfspots) am

I Flew from Zurich Airport to Cordoba, Argentina. In the Airport of Paris, which has a beautiful architecture, i had a stopover.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ivan Snz ⛛ (@perfspots) am

It was already night when i arrived but my friends could not wait to show me around an brought me to the Citycenter with a modern designed and lighten up government building. This was the beginning of much more adventures!


Pelourinho, old town of Salvador

Pelourinho, old town of Salvador, in Brazil.

One Building stacked on the other. The Streets drops down and goes straight up again, like a wave made out of stone. An impressive view along those buildings. The facades are painted in beautiful colours, shining bridely in the sunlight.

Strolling along Pelourinho is an unforgettable experience!

La Cumbrecita

La Cumbrecita near Cordoba, Argentina

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach in Whitsunday Islands near Airlie Beach, Australia

Whitehaven Beach is located on the Whitsunday Islands. We sailed for three days and two nights around those Islands. If you don't struggle getting seasick i recommend to take more time exploring these beautiful islands. But you can even get in a one-day trip to the Whitehaven Beach. You have different pricing options from huge partyclippers to romantic private catamarans. Choose whatever fits you best.

Depending the tide, Whitehaven Beach looks different and appears as a piece of art, created by nature. The different depths  by the sandbank creates colorful shades of blue. A viewpoint on the island lets you observe the changing spectacle.

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Booked a tour up to the hill where the proud christ is standing. Pick up at the hotel lobby. A bus ride trough the Tijuca jungle. Seeing a lot of exotic animals. Getting closer to this monument. parked near the top. Choose the stairway or the lift to get up to the platform. Get a stunning 360 degree view over beautiful rio de Janeiro. Perfspots aproved