Cheese hike Swiss Mountains ”Grüäzi”

Grüäzi mitenand! Hello everybody!

Stoos! A small village located 1305 m above sea level. It has just 150 inhabitants. In summer a nice place to go for a hike and in winter a ski resort. The whole town is car free what makes it much more relaxing.

View on my way down, the view from another mountain big Mythen!

Cheese hike ”Chääswanderung”

At the switch of the mountain station you can buy your ticket including the cheese pass. But what is a cheese pass?

Up in this little village you will find a lot of small restaurants and farmer houses which offer fresh cheese from their goats or the region.

Some of them are located in the middle of the village and others a 1-hour hike away the station.

This is what it will cost:

  • Up/Down the mountain in the Stoostrain: 22.- CHF
  • Cheese pass: 15.- CHF

The Alpchäs pass gives you the freedom to taste native Alpine cheese  in seven ”Bergbeizli” along the cheese trail at Stoos. Portion to approx. 100g alp cheese with bread. 

On the way to the little farmer houses you will pass by goats and cows. They will even walk with you for some time.

You will have incredible views on the way walking through the forest along the stony ways. Far away the big and small Mythen and other Swiss alps. The air is always fresh and birds are singing along the ways. So this is definitely one experience for itself.

On our way back we had to hike a little up the hill which makes it even more enjoyable since you have to do something to get to this nice cheese places

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, where you can sit down and enjoy some native cheeses they offer. I was surprised that even the bread and tee was self made!

View on the way down along the tracks

Since I didn’t take a picture of the car itself I will show you a picture from the internet. It looks so adventerus.

Stoos Train

So thanks for reading my post and I hope you get the chance to visit Switzerland and go for a Chääswanderig at the Swiss apls! 

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Follow this adventure!


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