Davos, Skiresort Swiss Alps

Davos Graubünden CH

I am in Davos Switzerland right now for some days. Enjoying the snow and sun. winter sport is one of my big hobbies in winter. I love to snowboard and ride down the mountains.

Davos is located in the canton of Graubünden in the Swiss Alps. It is around a 2-hour car drive from Zürich and almost 3 hours by train since the city is 1560 meters over sea level.

There are two parts of the town.

Davos Dorf

  • This is at the beginning of the town
  • Parsenn Ski Area
  • A lot of restaurants and hotels.
  • O la la Spa

Davos Platz

  • This is where the nightlife takes place.
  • A lot of bars
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    , clubs and restaurants

  • Jakobshorn mountain to go for a ride
  • Hotels and the famous Davos Casino


The winter season starts around the end of November till the end of March. The holidays are normally around the end of the year over the New Year’s Eve or in February when all the schools have winter breaks.

The Prices around the holidays are much higher, so it is recommended to go at the beginning of December or in January. Fewer people on the mountain, more space to ride and better ski pass and hotel offers. More relaxed and more fun!

Parsenn Snowboarding

Most of the time we went snowboarding at Parsenn.

From Davos Dorf you can catch a train that brings you up. The biggest mountains in the Parsenn are the Weissfluhjoch 2622m and the Weissfluh peak 2844m over sea level. Due to the sea level there is always a big chance to have enough snow. In other ski resorts you will sometimes come across a lot of green spots on the ski slopes.

When the sun starts to go down and the mood gets you

In the Grubenalp restaurant you can get some nice Kässpätzli! The nice restaurants up the mountain are also a big plus that the Swiss Alps offer. The prices are high but nice food after a nice ride out makes it all worth it!

Jakobshorn Party Corner

The Jakobshorn side from Davos

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, the second biggest ski area in Davos is one to party till the sun goes down. You can enjoy nice music at the Jatzhütte, drink some beers and enjoy the nice panoramic view of the surrounding alps. We had so much fun and ended the nice day with a ride down with our Snowboards down to Davos Platz witch is quite a ride from up there.

So if you are in Switzerland and you find the time to go skiing or snowboarding, Davos is the place to be if you love riding and partying at once!

So hope to see you soon!

Thanks for reading my post and please follow me on my adventures!

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Chichén Itzá, Mexico

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Chichén Itzá

This place is one of many Mayan ruins in the state of Yucatán but one of the most famous ones! It was built around 600 AD and running till the 13th century. The middle point is the massive pyramid El Castillo. There are other buildings like the warrior temple and more to see. 

How to get there

We were travelling around Mexico for almost a month, so we had time to visit a lot of different places around Yucatán. 

We stayed in a nice little hotel in Valladolid which is located almost in the center of Ek Balem and Chichén Itzá. It is the perfect place to stay overnight and also visit some cenotes outside town. 

The city itself doesn’t have a lot to offer. There are enough restaurants bars to stay some time but that’s all. But still a perfect place if you want to see those famous Mayan ruins. 

The Mayan Ruin

Inside the Mayan site

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, you will find a little market to buy some souvenirs or clothes with nice signs on it. In the back you will see the unmistakable pyramid. To imagine that the pyramid was built by bare hands is incredible. We took a couple of photos from the ground but you are not allowed to climb up. 

Group of 1000 columns

The once covered squared pillars are in front of the warrior temple and the rows extend more east. A total of 1000 pillars that are marked with reliefs of warriors and bird people. It maybe show the army of Chichén Itzá. 

If you walk around the area you will find and see more ruins that are surrounded by trees in a little forest. This place is one of the bigger ones I have seen since I also visited the ruins near Tulum which were much smaller.

What to bring? 

I can not tell you exactly what clothes you should wear because the weather in Mexico changes from month to month. It is usually hot and tropical.

You will surely need enough water and possibly some food. Of course

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, it has food stalls, but they are rather full on a busy day and are therefore associated with long waiting times.

A camera is of course a must https://phonelookupbase.com , so that you have memories of these incredible pyramids and sculptures. 

There are parking spaces directly in front of the entrance. A cashier will instruct you and ask for something small. Of course, buses also drive from the capital cities like Valladolid.

South America has so much to offer. Visit the Iguazu Falls in Brazil

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Thanks for reading my post and hope to see you soon!

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¡Hola! Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile

Santiago is the capital and biggest city of Chile and lies between the Andean peaks and the sea. The city has over 5 million inhabitants.

I just stayed two days but still enjoyed the huge lively streets of Santiago.

Arriving from Mendoza Argentina

I crossed the boarder by bus that drove around 9 hours. The prices are more economical than going by plane and the adventure factor was higher. The bus has to cross over the Andean peaks. The nature on the way is beautiful.

At the boarder you will have to get out of the bus and get your carry-on baggage checked which can take quite a while since there are different buses crossing at the same time. But still, it doesn’t take longer than the controls at the airport and is completely safe.

Day of Hiking

There is a small mountain within the city, or lets say a hill to hike. There are even cable cars and little trains and buses going up, but I chose to hike up in the hot midday sun.

The Cerro San Cristóbal is a around 300m high hill in the Bellavista district of Santiago de Chile. Up there you will have incredible views over the city to get a better look how the different neighborhoods are located.

It took me around 1hour for the whole way up and a 5 minutes train ride down and it is something you definitely should do!

Within the City there are different areas with shopping malls, restaurants and bars all connected with a subway. The prices seemed really high in comparison to other countries I have visited so far in South America.

But an Uber driver told me that the salaries are much higher in the city than the ones from the towns around and because of that fact the prices are extremely high.

The currency is Chilean Peso. ATM are everywhere. But like in all the cities of South America it is not suggested to walk around with more than couple pesos / dollars because of thefts.

South America has so much to offer. Visit the Iguazu Falls in Brazil, go Skiing in the Argentinian mountains or climb a volcano in Ecuador. Taste some real fresh Colombian coffee. Catch the perfect wave at the Costa Rica ocean or go diving in a cenote cave in Mexico. There is no limit!

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Matterhorn Switzerland, what a shape!

Hi everybody and Grüäzi! Welcome back to my new Post!

Zermatt is a popular mountain resort in the canton of valais . From hiking, climbing to skiers in winter, there is nothing you can’t do. The city is located 1600 meters above sea level and lays at the foot of the famous landmark ”Matterhorn”. It is by far one of the most famous photograph spots from Switzerland.

In winter: 

  • Paradise for skiers and snowboarders or other snow sports
  • Ice skating and curling
  • Restaurants
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    , bars and a lively après-ski scene

  • Boutiques and little stores for souveniers
  • Luxury resorts

In summer: 

  • Paradise for hiking and climbing
  • Nature
  • Paragliding in front of the Matterhorn
  • Restaurants, bars and nice sun terraces
  • Spas to relax
  • Luxury resorts

The whole area is car free and everything is in walking distance. Buses and cable cars bring you up the mountain to take some incredible pictures.

The Hotel prices are high since it is a really famous touristic spot and a must-do if you visit Switzerland. I was lucky and slept at my friends home 615-544-3391 , so I didn’t spend a lot of money that weekend. 

Matterhorn the famous landmark

The Matterhorn is 4478 meters above sea level but still not the highest mountain of Switzerland. That title holds the Dufourspitze with 4634m.

His shape and history makes it one of the most famous mountains in the world. 

To see it up close lets you forget time and just take a breath to let it all in. We had a great day hiking up to this little lake to take some awesome shots and continued to our beer stop.


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, fresh air and a perfect view

A ticket from Zürich mainstation to Zermatt will cost you around 120 swissfranks or even more and the ride takes around 4 hours. It is located at the boarder of France, but don’t worry, english is fine!

Something to have in mind!

Everybody is focused on traveling the world and places that are not in our grasp. New adventures, stories and cultures to find, but we often forget that the places close to us are reachable right now, waiting for you to discover.

Thanks for reading my post and hope to see you soon!

Matterhorn Source

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Cenote Agua Dulce Mexico

Mexico and its Mystic Places!

The Cenote Agua Dulce and the Gran Cenote near Tulum

A couple month ago I was on a 7-month trip trough South America and one of my favorite destinations was Mexico!

But Why is it so special? 

  • Food (Tacos, Enchiladas, Fajitas and much more)
  • People (Kind, open, funny and always helpful
  • Nature (Crystal clear ocean, Cenotes, Diving, jungle and much more)
  • Weather (Sunny and hot)
  • Culture!

These are just couple reasons why I loved that country so much! 

On our trip we stayed at a little hotel in Valladolid and made some day trips around the area.

What is a Cenote?

A cenote is a limestone hole created by the collapse of a cave ceiling filled with fresh water. The word ”Cenote” comes from the Mayan word ”Dzonot” and means ”holy water”. In Mayan culture

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, people believed that cenotes were the entrance to another world where their rain god Chac lived.

Mayan Culture Cenotes

Cenote Agua Dulce

Just a 33 minutes drive outside the city we discovered a cenote that blew our minds. The entrance was in the middle of nowhere. As we walked down the entrance we didn’t know what to expect as the hole was just a black wall which makes it impossible to take a look inside from above.


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, we were standing inside a small cave made out of limestone and couple holes at the ceiling which let light inside.

The water was cold, so we couldn’t stay inside for long, still enough to take some awesome picture to remember that place. Kind of scary to imagine that these lime stones are just hanging down the ceiling, ready to fall down on us. but still a moment of joy.

A place to visit if you get the chance!

So thanks for reading my post and I hope you get the chance to visit Mexico and this beautiful cenotes!

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Cheese hike Swiss Mountains ”Grüäzi”

Grüäzi mitenand! Hello everybody!

Stoos! A small village located 1305 m above sea level. It has just 150 inhabitants. In summer a nice place to go for a hike and in winter a ski resort. The whole town is car free what makes it much more relaxing.

View on my way down, the view from another mountain big Mythen!

Cheese hike ”Chääswanderung”

At the switch of the mountain station you can buy your ticket including the cheese pass. But what is a cheese pass?

Up in this little village you will find a lot of small restaurants and farmer houses which offer fresh cheese from their goats or the region.

Some of them are located in the middle of the village and others a 1-hour hike away the station.

This is what it will cost:

  • Up/Down the mountain in the Stoostrain: 22.- CHF
  • Cheese pass: 15.- CHF

The Alpchäs pass gives you the freedom to taste native Alpine cheese  in seven ”Bergbeizli” along the cheese trail at Stoos. Portion to approx. 100g alp cheese with bread. 

On the way to the little farmer houses you will pass by goats and cows. They will even walk with you for some time.

You will have incredible views on the way walking through the forest along the stony ways. Far away the big and small Mythen and other Swiss alps. The air is always fresh and birds are singing along the ways. So this is definitely one experience for itself.

On our way back we had to hike a little up the hill which makes it even more enjoyable since you have to do something to get to this nice cheese places

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, where you can sit down and enjoy some native cheeses they offer. I was surprised that even the bread and tee was self made!

View on the way down along the tracks

Since I didn’t take a picture of the car itself I will show you a picture from the internet. It looks so adventerus.

Stoos Train

So thanks for reading my post and I hope you get the chance to visit Switzerland and go for a Chääswanderig at the Swiss apls! 

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Is Bogotá dangerous?

Hi everybode! Today I am going to tell you a little bit of my impressions of Bogotá. 

With over 9 million inhabitants Bogotá is not only the capital, but also the larges city in Colombia. 

Arrived at the airport

It takes quite a while to get to the city center. Of course there are regular buses and taxis that offer affordable rides but I chose to take an Uber

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, which was no as easy as I thought it would be since Uber is forbidden in Colombia and there is a dispute between them and the regular taxi drivers. 

I had to find a certain driver at the indicated location in the middle of a parking lot. After a long time writing and searching I finally got my Uber. 

Driving by all those houses and neighborhoods I was surprised how big this city was. The streets are busy with a lot of traffic. 

What I saw

Restaurants, market places and a nice old town. Painted walls and the urban lifestyle make this city really interesting. 
Large squares with crowds and cool little coffe shops and bars in side streets. 

In the little restaurants they offer you traditional food to unbelievably cheap prices. So don’t search the fanciest ones just go and get something thats more cultural!

City cable car!

A little outside of the city you have the opportunity to see the roofs and colored houses from above with a city cable car. We had such a good time and took nice pictures. 

Is Bogotá dangerous?

Yes the city is dangerous, but! The chance that you get robbed can be minimized. No nice shirts, your watch can stay in the hotel and all the other fancy stuff is not quite right. Behave normally and try to stay on the main streets or in turistic areas and you will certainly not be touched at all. 

I fell in love with the culture of Colombia and its people, so it is worth a visit!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope to see you soon on my channel!

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The Seaweed in Playa del Carmen

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about our road trip in Mexico. Right now I am travelling through Mexico with a friend of mine from Switzerland. We have a lot of fun. We arrived couple days ago from Cuba and flew directly to Cancun.

For our 2 weeks road trip we rented a nice Chevrolet to explore the state Yacután.

Playa del Carmen

First stop Playa del Carmen, a trendy town right at the beach, famous for its nightlife, bars and restaurants. You will find huge hotel complexes, all kinds of food and places to relax. They also offer massages, jetski rentals and boat tours.

Where we stayed?

We stayed at the Gran SAHARA Hotel two blocks away from the beach. The hotel offers a breakfast, a pool on the roof and nice rooms. We payed 40 dollars a night for two person, pretty nice!

Breakfast included

You can eat breakfast in the restaurant next to the hotel. It is simple, fruit with a toast and coffee or tea with orange juice. If you want to add eggs or something else it will cost.

Gran SAHARA Hotel

There are a lot of hotels right at the beach which offer a lot but there is a downside!

Playa del Carmen, how is the beach?

So if you look up this place in the internet (Google) it will blow you away. Everything you need, crystal clear water, white sand and nice beach bars to enjoy your stay. But the nature has planned something different. The whole beach is covered with seaweed. Not just a little, tons of it! It covers the beach and the first couple meters in to the water. The smell is really bad and makes it not enjoyable at all. I felt bad for all the people who booked expensive hotels right at the beach. We asked around and can say that it changes from time to time. There are months during the year where you will be able to swim with much less seaweed. But in this month April not. This problem goes down the whole coast to Tulum and more. There are a lot of activities like diving in cenotes like caves, diving with whale sharks, which is amazing and visiting Maya ruins. So it is still worth a visit!

I will keep you posted on my travel as much as I can, since I don’t want to leave my friend alone all the time.

Thanks for reading my Post about Playa del Carmen in MEXICO!

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Salento and the misty Valle de Cocora!

Today I am going to talk about Salento a little town in the department Quindío.

Salento is almost 1900 metres above sea level and surrounded by mountains. The town counts around 7500 inhabitants and a lot of tourists. Coloured houses, nice little restaurants and bars, shops with handmade jewellery and souvenirs. A quiet but still interesting nightlife with lovely bars that offer live music to enjoy the cold mountain air and have a drink.


The Colombian coffee culture and chilled out vibes make it a must see. Everything is walkable and has a lot of attractions like hiking, horse riding, paragliding and coffee tasting.

A coffee plantation tour: 1 day

In walking distance of the town there are several coffee farms which offer tours to get to know more about the process of making coffee and the Colombian culture behind it. At the end of the tours there will be served a fresh made coffee from the farm.

Take the chance to buy a bag of coffee to support them. They life from the tours and the tourists. A tour lasts around 1 hour, so plan in advanced which farms you want to visit since there is time for more than one in a day.

Hike at Valle de Cocora: 1 day

To take a picture for you next postcard you have to hopp on a 4×4 jeep at the main square of Salento to the Valle de Cocora. The hike takes around 5 to 6 hours through the green valley passing by the famous wax palms of Quindio, up to the countless viewpoints on the way.  Whether you walk through the misty forest or the sunny valley your camera or phone will be your best friend on the way to capture the mysterious and incomparable beauty you will encounter.

Makes sure to bring: 

  • Hiking shoes
  • Snacks and water
  • Rain jacket
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • Camera or Phone
  • Mosquito spray

You will not get bored even if you decide to stay couple more days at Salento, since the chilled vibe and culture will take you in completely.

How to get to Salento?

There are two main airports nearby. One at Armenia and the other at Pereira. Buses leave from either of the town’s bus terminals and take around 2 hours up the curvy roads. You can catch a bus at the Salento bus terminal located a little out of the city to get back to the airport. The bus tickets are really cheap, if you prefer a more comfortable way with taxi you will have to pay around 150 dollars.

My opinion?

So my opinion at the end? For sure a must do if you are traveling through Colombia. It is not comparable to the main cities like Bogotá, Medellín and Cali or the Caribbean region of Colombia. One of the most beautiful places I have seen in this country. So don’t think long and just book your flight!


So thanks a lot for reading my post. I hope it helps and will make your next Colombian trip a great experience.


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Surfing at the Bahia Surf Camp Brazil


Surf camp in Brazil. In a private area are the Bahia Surf Camp.

The Camp is near the Salvador Airport. They offer you to pick you up, but I don’t remember the price.

You have everything you need. Three big and fine meals. The beach in front of the door and surfboards for free disposal. The Surf camp offers 2h surf lessons per day. Depending the conditions you will be surfing in the morning or afternoon.

The surf teachers are specialists in their field and divide all into the appropriate level. It was a lot of fun to learn with them. The beach is gorgeous, as no one can enter the private area. Perfect for chilling with your camp mates after a surf and enjoying the nice sunsets.

When eating breakfast, monkeys will normally join you and say hello with their little babies on their backs. What an experience.

More information about the Camp: https://www.bahiasurfcamp.com/

So Thanks for Reading my second part of that Blog and I hope to see you soon again on my channel.

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