Bondi Beach and the Icebergs Pool

bondi beach icebergs

There are many options to go on day trips from Sydney. One of them is the day trip to Bondi Beach. This is the place where the famous Australian series called Bondi Beach Rescue was filmed. And as the name of the Series reveal it: Bondi has a famous Beach but the sea can get ruff there. It is easy to reach Bondi Beach with the bus. from the bus station we walked couple of minutes and arrived at the Bondi Beach Icebergs Pool.

The Bondi Beach Icebergs Pool

This Pool is an iconic construction which is a part of Bondi. It is a pool built right by the sea and when the tide is high, as it was when we where there, the waves clash against the pool corner and wash the swimmers with salty water. Its was so fascinating to observe how the waves splashed up against the Bondi Beach Icebergs poolcorner!

From the Bondi Beach Icebergs Pool starts the “Bondi to Coogee Walk”. It's a coastal walk known a tourist attraction and its really a beautiful path to explore, you’ll love

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Surf Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach is a well known surf spot. With the high tide and the decent size of the waves i rent a surfboard and tried to catch some wave. it was pretty hard to ride the waves because the current was strong and the lineup crowded. Neverthless it was fun to practice!

bondi beach to coogee

bondi beach surf

Icebergs Pool Bondi Beach


What i realized

"This world has more to offer than we can explore in a lifetime.", so what are you waiting for? go out there and explore this beautiful planet.


The Sydney Opera House

sydney opera house

While landing in Sydney i experienced the most impressive plane window view i’ve ever had. I could directly see the famous Sydney Opera House right beneath the Harbour bridge. It made me even more excited to explore this city.

After landing you reach the Sydney city center easily with the train. We stayed in an amazing Hotel which we can recommend because of its fancy interior and it is good situated.

The first thing we had to do was visiting the famous Sydney Opera House! it is really an architectural masterpiece, no matter from which angle you look at it, it always shows up in a different shape. I also highly recommend to participate with an interior tour, the Sydney Opera House is inside as impressive as from the outside.

landing plane sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I spend a week in Sydney to find out where the perfect spot to take a picture of sydney. I also cover which places to see, things to do in Sydney and this can also be used as a tourist guide.

On the hunt for the perfect picture in Sydney

Perfect Spots explored:

  1. Hotel 57
  2. Sydney Opera house
  3. Sydney Opera house Inside tour
  4. Barangaroo Towers
  5. Darling Harbour
  6. Brown Paper Bag Building
  7. Paddy's Market
  8. The Spice Room - Indian Restaurant
  9. Queen Victoria Building
  10. Westfield Shopping
  11. Time for Thai Restaurant
  12. St Mary's Cathedral
  13. MLC Center Food Court
  14. Mrs Macquaries Point

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Barangaroo international towers sydney

The Barangaroo international towers sydney


Mrs Macquaries Point

The Mrs Macquarie's Point in Sydney, Australia

A beautiful walk along the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney you get to the Mrs Macquaries Point. Once you arrive there you'll be rewarded with a beautiful View on Sydney's skyline. The best thing is that you get the composition with Sydneys famous Operahouse and the Harbourbridge right behind it. This is what i call a Perfspot!

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