Roadtrip Brazil and the sold out festival!

Carneiros Beach Brazil

So after São Miguel dos Milagres we drove up and stopped at the Carneiros Beach.

This beach is like all of them really beautiful, but to get in you have to pay an entrance fee to enter through one of the clubs (big restaurants), and inside they want you to stay at their place for the rest of the day.

In the 20 seconds walk to the beach you will be asked 10 times if you want to sit down for a drink , do a boat trip or buy some souvenirs.

It really annoyed me. Since we didn’t eat breakfast we walked around to check for a nice place to fill our stomachs. Finally we found a hotel which offered breakfast. It was delicious!

Strengthened and happier than before we walked up 20 minutes to check the area for a nicer place to stay than our entry restaurant. We finally laid down at a beach bar which was really chilled and stayed the whole afternoon! The water was crystal clear with white sand as far you can see.

Later on we continued our trip to the final destination Maracaipe and Porto de Galinhas. We stayed at a nice hotel right at the beach.

The sold out Festival!…

As soon as we arrived, we went for a walk along the beach,  to get to know the area. So, just a two minute walk from our hotel, there was this huge festival stage. Of course we all wondered what was going on here at night. As soon as we came back to the hotel we immediately checked it and it turned out to be what we thought, a huge festival that started the next day!

So let’s go PARTY GUYS! Don’t think so, it turned out the other way…

There was no single page with available tickets, all sold out. Shocked but still with a good feeling about it, we left our hotel the other night, believing that there must be a ticket switch to buy tickets directly at the festival. We walked around 30 minutes within hundreds of beautiful single girls heading to the festival we desperately wanted to enter. ‘So I am not sure if the girls were all single, but since I was the only one of us without a girlfriend I was kind of daydreaming!

We soon realized that there was no ticket switch or any other way to get our way in to that festival. Over the fence maybe? Running in? Dig a whole? I WAS FREAKING OUT!

The sad ending of the story was, that we didn’t make it in. With a kind of bad mood we went for dinner, drank some bears and that was it. Just heard the music from far away while trying to sleap later that night.

Surfing at Maracaipe, or at least one of us!

The other day it was all better, perfect weather, surfing and enjoying some bears at the beach made our stay worth it. @Ivansnz took some waves while we drank some bears and enjoyed the view.

@ivansnz Surfing those waves like a pro!

Maracaipe has surfboard rentals right at the beach. At Porto de Galinhas which is the town right next to it, you can find a lot of surf stores as well. There will come a video soon about those places!

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The Rock of Guatapé!

A must do if you stay at Medellín!

Guatapé is a small town a 2 hours bus drive away from the trendy and famous city Medellin. It is a perfect one day trip but also a place to stay more than one day! At the Bus Terminal Norte head down to the ground floor and buy your ticket at the ticket booth 14. It will cost you 14 COP like 4.50$ dollars one way!

There are two attractions:

The town Guatapé:

Guatapé is a really small town, the houses are coloured, in the centre are a lot of restaurants and the people are relaxed. There is a church and little stores to buy souvenirs.  I think from there are also activities like a boat tour etc. At the same place the bus dropped you of, you can directly by a ticket to head back to Medellin! If you just want to go to the next attraction you can pay 2 COP for the bus or take a tuktuk motorcycle which drives you to the Rock of Guatapé.

The Rock of Guatapé (El Peñón de Guatapé):

The most important attraction in Guatape is the huge stone … You need to climb up 700 steps till you on the top. I did it without stopping but it was hard. From the gas station you can walk up to the entrance and buy a ticket to go up the stone. Once you arrive at the top you will be speechless! The 360 degrees view is amazing.

The indigenous Tahami, former inhabitants of this region, worshiped the rock and called it mojarrá which means rock! In July 1954, the stone was first climbed from Luis Villegas, Pedro Nel Ramirez and Ramón Díaz, with sticks fixed against the walls within 5 days.


Galeria Guatape Hostel:

I stayed for two days in Guatape and slept in a really nice hostel Galeria Guatape Hostel in walking distance to the stone. The host of this hostel and all the people that work there are amazing. You can swim, enjoy a nice view over the lake and enjoy a free Coffee (the best coffee I had in Colombia) whenever you want. The breakfast was just delicious and also included in the price, a restaurant to eat dinner is close by!

Thanks for reading my post, if you have questions about Guatapé or even Medellín just let me know.

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Mendoza’s Malbec Wine from Argentina

Today I am going to tell you more about Mendoza a city in Argentina

After my two month of school in Buenos Aires I started my trip in Uruguay Montevideo and my second stop was Mendoza, the home of the Malbec red Wine.

Why Mendoza?

Mendoza is the capital of the province of Mendoza. The City is located on the eastern side of the Andes. If you are interested in hiking, rafting, zip lining, horse riding or sports in general this is the right place for you! But what if you just like to relax and have a good time? No problem, since Mendoza is also a wine region, there are dozens of vineyards, wine cellars to visit.

Depending where you are staying the vineyards can be reached by bicycle, bus or taxi! They offer wine tours mostly in the mornings and show you around, explaining the production and letting you taste there originals Malbec wines!

I stayed at the Lemon Tree Hostel which is outside of the city but really close to all the outdoor activity’s you might want to do! Nice rooms, a pool with a relaxing area, a kitchen and a good prise.


Places to visit are:

Thermas de Cacheuta (hot water springs thermal bath)

Potrerillos (hiking, rafting, zip lining, swimming)

Uspallata (Nature, hiking)

Vineyards near the hostel


Thermas de Cacheuta


So I booked just one night at the Hostel and a flight the next day, because I thought there is nothing to do in the city. I sadly didn’t know that in the province Mendoza you have all this outdoor activities like Zip Lining, Hiking and Rafting including al the Vineyards! So at least stay a couple days to really enjoy your stay! Be smart!

A part of the information is from  Source.


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Surfing Bingin Beach

surfing bingin beach

Have you ever heard of surfing Bingin Beach? probably not! it is not one of those super known spots, nevertheless its also not a top secret spot. What i can say is that the beach has been spared by mass tourism and that's cool. There is no huge mega hotel with hundreds of rooms. I'll be honest here, the beach perhaps not the most beautiful one to sunbath and the rocky environment makes it tricky to go for a relaxed swim without hurting your feet. So let's talk about surfing Bingin Beach!

The Surfing Bingin Beach video on Youtube. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel

How to get to Bingin Beach?

I already made a detailed Blogpost about the Bingin Beach itself so i'll quote this section here and you can read more information about where to stay and how to get there on this post.

"Bingin Beach is situated in the southern part of Bali, the region of Uluwatu. Bali has its own airport in Denpansar which is 35 min car drive away from Bingin Beach. Book a hotel close to the beach or park your scooter at the beach parking. Just google for “bingin beach parking”. From the parking should be street signs leading to the beach. The way leads through unconventional narrow streets through the buildings in front of the beach. sometimes the way seems to be wrong but trust the signs your on the right track."


bingin beach surf

The drop: the surfer is on top of a clean faced wave building up on the Bingin Beach reef.

Beach or Reef break?

Surfing Bingin Beach means dealing with sharp rocks. It is a reef break and i can highly recommend you to wear water shoes. I cut my feet, not very dramatic but you can hurt yourself seriously if you're not carefully, especially on low tide. I even saw some people surfing with helmets. Always stay safe buddy.

tube bingin beach

After a successful drop the surfer maneuvers himself slightly into that beautiful tube.


Is there a Surf school?

Yes, there are one or two surf schools. I've never participated in a lesson nor have i analysed their teaching style, but what i can remember is that some locals paddle out with you and teach you how they surf. So don't expect a "WSL" internationally certificated pro surf school.

surfing bali

Ending the ride with splashing up a some sea water. great job!

Can i rent a board in Bingin Beach?

Of course you can! The surf schools offer boards for beginners but you will also get some smaller specimens if you are a more advanced surfer. I think there is even a shaper, because they offer board repairs right by the beach. I mean in case you f* up your board shredding too hard. haha.

About Bali

Bali is one of the Islands in the southern part of Indonesia. Mostly there is tropical warm weather on the Island. The Island has an airport in the capital city of Denpasar which is situated in the South of Bali. The most beautiful month on Bali is September and the Rainy Season lasts from the end of november until the end of march. Most people speak balinese or indonesian on the island. We travelled Bali for a month. We landed in Denpasar in the south of Bali and went up to the north. We stayed in places like Nusa Dua, Canggu, Ubud and Pemuteran.

The Perfspots Project

Perfspots stands for Perfect Spots. My passion is to explore places I've never been before. While running a startup, i travel as much as possible. Here i share the Perfect Spots i enjoyed the most. Spots you can get a great meal, sip a coffee with a breathtaking view or experience an exciting adventure. learn more about the project.



Bali travel

Marine Iguanas Galápagos Island Santa Cruz Post 1

Galápagos Marine Iguana, Photography

The Galapagos Marine Iguana is a species only found on the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador.  These Iguanas have the unique ability to feed in the sea, making it a marine reptile.

These Iguanas lay around almost everywhere on the Galapagos Island, it almost seems like the sleep 24 hours a day. The swim, walk and sleep next to you and aren’t afraid of humans at all, which for me was kind of amazing. Of course there are much more animals on the island than just Iguanas. Sea Lions are also everywhere!

Galápagos Iguanas feed on algae. The large males dive to find there food, while the females and smaller ones feed during low tide in the intertidal zone. They live in colonies on rocky shores where they can warm up after a swim in the cold water.

If you want more information about Iguanas you can use my source Galápagos Iguanas.

Santa Cruz or San Cristobal

How do you get to the Islands?

Really simple! There are two airports, one at the Island Santa Cruz and the other at the Island San Cristobal. You will find direct flights from Quito or Guayaquil. Keep in mind that you have to wait in a separate line to buy the Tourist-Ticket for 100 dollars and check your bags before you can check-in with your flight company. The flight takes not more than 2 hours.

The Island Santa Cruz is much more touristic. You will see a lot of bars, restaurants and hotels at Puerto Ayora. A lot of beaches for snorkelling are in walking distance like the famous Tortuga Bay. There are some ATM’s so you don’t have to bringt a lot of money with you.

San Cristobal is much quieter and less touristy, but has still enough restaurants and hotels. The nature at San Cristobal is mesmerizing. All these Islands are volcanos and each one has its unique plants and surface. It is possible to Surf on that island.

Soon I will post the 2 round, in which I will tell you more about diving and the different beaches at the Island!


I hope you liked my post! Thanks for all your help and love!

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Impresiones de Buenos Aires Argentina en español!

Buenos Aires Argentina! Me gusta, Me encanta, Me extraño!

Yo estudiaba español por dos meses en una escuela en Buenos Aires. La escuela se llama Expanish. Yo vivía en un apartamento con una familia de allá y tenía mi habitación, mi baño y ducho y desayuno y cena incluido. Éramos 4 personas.

El apartamento era muy grande en el 9 piso con una  vista espectacular y estaba en una zona muy exclusiva y segura en el barrio Retiro cerca del Plaza General San Martín.

El parque fue perfecto para descansar después de un día estresante. Me gusta mucho las zonas verdes en todo la ciudad.

Cerca del apartamento está el terminal del bus de Buenos Aires. Detrás del terminal está una zona muy peligrosa en que viven los pobres, no puedes caminar porque hay ladrónes.

En Buenos Aires tú puedes ir a calquier lugar en bus, metro o taxi. En las horas pico, el tráfico es muy malo, entonces es mejor caminar o tomar metro.

Lo que me ha sorprendido es que se ofrece Uber en casi toda Sudamérica con precios mejores! Hay otras posibilidades como Cabify y Easy Taxi. Yo he usado Uber porque yo conozco esa aplicación de suiza.

Obelisco, Avenida 9 de Julio

Un monumento muy importante es el obelisco en la calle Avenida 9 de Julio. Fue hasta 1960 la calle más ancha del mundo con 140 metros, hasta que fue reemplazada por la brasileña Eixo Monumental.

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Jardín Japonés Buenos Aires! Hablas español?

Jarín Japonés in Buenos Aires Argentina!

Buenos Aires is a vibrant and huge city. With its different neighbourhoods, parks, museums, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, bars it is a must do! I have stayed a total of 2 month there and had a blast.

You will find many places to relax for such a busy city. parks to lay down, read a book and forget about the traffic noise.


I would recommend you going in the morning, it will be colder and less crowded. In January February it can get 35 up to 40 degrees Celsius like 95 – 104 F.

One of the parks is called Jardín Japonés and he is located in the neighbourhood Palermo near Recoleta. You need to pay a little entrance fee but in my opinion it is worth it!

The Park was completed in 1967 and opened on the occasion of the visit of the Japanese Crown Prince Akihito and his wife Michiko.

Within you will find a Buddhist temple, a cultural centere, a restaurant, a greenhouse known for its collection of bonsai trees, and a souvenir shop.

There is a big lake in the middle of the Park with two red bridges. Beautiful plants, a little waterfall in the middle and a lot of fish swimming around. The park is home to a lot of typical plants of South America.


Palermo is the place to be if you are looking to party and have a fun night out with friends in Buenos Aires!  Also you will find parks like this picture, with beautiful flowers. 

Like always I will keep you posted! Thanks for reading my blogs!

With best regards David!



One day at Cali Colombia, City of Salsa

A day in Cali!

I rented an apartment near the city centre. That day I woke up around 8 o’clock. I made my breakfast like always, eggs, ham, toasts and a coffee.

I payed 160 dollars for 7 night and my friends almost 400 dollars. So check out if you’re interested in renting an apartment. It is normally even cheaper than a hotel in South America!

At 10 am I met my friends that stayed at the sheraton hotel close by, which was to expensive for my taste. But of course I used there Rooftop Pool!

Hotel Four Points by Sheraton Cali, nice rooms, breakfast and near to all the good streets, with bars, restaurants etc.


Here the view from the Rooftop Pool!


At 10.15 we started our City tour with a little bus up the hill to the Cristo Rey Statue. It kind of reminds me of the one in Rio de Janeiro.

The view over the city, must be nice at night!

So from there we drove to the city centere to see the Catpark. In 2006 there was held a contest between different artists that had to create a design for one of those cats. It is a relaxing place next to the river.

Here some pictures of those cats

Salsa Caleña, Capital of Salsa

Cali is the world capital of salsa because here the dancers of the 60s and 70s (Salsa dancers) risked to speed up the salsa music a little, because they felt it was slow. So since that time Cali is famous for its salsa Caleña.

Within the City you will find this monument for salsa. Las trompetas de niche. If you walk under it, you are able to listen to the different stages of the creation of a salsa song.


So if you are in Cali, you have to dance Salsa! There are a couple places to take Salsa classes.

The Viajero Hostel offers free Salsa lessons and a nice pool, included in the Price! Of course there are Salsa clubs all over the City to enjoy a night out in this vibrant city.


After a long day we visited two churches near the centere. The Iglesia la Ermita was in my opinion a really beautiful one.

Iglesia la Ermita

Of course we needed to eat some traditional food so we got some Empanadas and ended the day with a nice meal in a trendy restaurant.

Empanadas what?

But what are Empanadas? An empanada is a fried or baked pastry in Latin America.  Empanada comes from the Spanish word empanar that literally means enbreaded.  Normally they are stuffed with meat or cheese, corn and other ingredients. Just amazing and a must try if you visit South America!


Wedding Day!

Also that week was the weeding of a good friend of mine. He married a wonderful girl from Cali. I had to dance Salsa with all of her friends and family. In this picture you can see, where the ceremony took place.

I will keep you posted with more stories of my travels and pictures I took along the way.

With best regards David

Street-Art I have seen in South America so far!

What is Street Art?

It is visual art created in public locations. This artwork is mostly displayed on buildings, streets, trains, and other publicly viewed surfaces in a community.

What do the Artists want to tell us? Why do they do it?

  • Public statements about the society that an artist lives within
  • A way to raise awareness of social and political issues
  • Displaying personal artwork
  • Appreciating the risks and challenges by installing artwork in public places

Unseen Artists can reach a much greater audience, than art that is shown in galleries.

The traditional artists use spray paint but there are much more ways now a days.

Some of the information

Cartagena, Colombia

Valparaíso, Chile

One place with walls covered with Street-Art is in Chile, Valparaíso.

Just a 2 hours bus drive from Santiago de Chile you will arrive at a little city called Valparaíso right at the ocean. It has one of the South Pacific’s most important Seaports.

But what about the Street-Art? Good question!

Valparaíso is the place to be in South America if you are looking for Street-Art. This place attracts artists all over the world to leave there work at the walls of this little urban place.

Inspirational, colourful, interesting and raw!

In the whole city there are elevators (cableways) in which you can easily get up the hills of the city. Once at the top, you can enjoy a sensational view of the sea and the seaport as well as art work at every wall, with many restaurants and iconic bars.



Here are a few fotos that i took with my Sony Alpha 6000 of the streets of Valparaíso.


Medellín Colombia

A must see in Colombia is Medellíne the second largest city in Colombia. Once listed as a dangerous city it has now changed to an urban and safe place that’s worth a visit. There will come a post about the city story, but now I am showing you some of the Street-Art!

Street-Art at Comuna 13

Once one of the most dangerous parts of the city, it has changed to a tourist atraction, which is now a symbol of hope. The so called Comunas allow you to understand more about the history of the Colombian culture and to see the change of the city that has occurred.


Also, within the City itself you will find art all around. Like the monkey at El Poblado an urban neighborhood in Medellín.

Thanks for taking the time to check-out this Post! I know its not the best content since I am just starting, but I am doing my best to show you some places I have seen in South America!

With best regards David!


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