Old Mans Beach Drone view

old mans drone

Old Man’s from above!

The Canggu Vlog

Canggu is the absolute hipster town of Bali. Custom bikes, tattoos, surf, yoga and of course hip cafes, restaurants and bars. This is what we experienced a week long and we loved it!

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Pool drone pilot

pool drone

That’s right, this is how a pool drone pilot looks like. Straw hat, sunglasses and the controller firmly in the hands with the buttons loose and ready to push when needed.

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flying pool
pool dive

Never grow up, it’s a trap!

We stayed in this amata borobudur resort close to the famous Borobodur temple. We had this pool for ourselves. Maybe because it was off season or a lot of people just visit the temple and leave again. Anyways is can recommend you to stay couple of days and explore the area … And of course enjoy a dip in the pool!

The Amata Drone Vlog

It was a day without plans. We have realized that there are no other guests staying at our hotel. So we decided to enjoy the hotel and its infrastructure to the fullest. A bit of drone flying practice. Jumping and diving into the pool and splashing as high as possible. I mean there were no other guests. So it was kind of like our private hotel. We have stayed at the Amata Borobodur resort (linked down in the description) close to the Borobodur temple, in Yogyakarta, on a island called Jawa in Indonesia. After this day we packed our stuff and headed back to Yogyakarta, on the way we stopped at some pretty interesting sights, vlogs soon to come.

The Hotel: http://bit.ly/borobodur-resort

pool chill

Tanjung Aan Beach on Lombok

The Tanjung Aan Beach is the most beautiful beach on Lombok they say. It was our mission to check this spot out. Relaxing by the beach with coconut water and beach chair occupation. Afterwards we climbed up the Merese Hills right besides Tanjung Aan and operated the drone to get the birds eye view on this perfect spot!

Floatygurl and Droneboy

New instagram post is out. Check it out it is still warm!

A warm sunny day in Borobodur, close to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Drone batteries have been fully charged and the pool was empty. Easy decision to go for a dip and a chilled drone session. Filmed the hotel area for the vlog and captured some pictures while Simone was floating like cloud in the sky.