Matterhorn Switzerland, what a shape!

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Zermatt is a popular mountain resort in the canton of valais . From hiking, climbing to skiers in winter, there is nothing you can’t do. The city is located 1600 meters above sea level and lays at the foot of the famous landmark ”Matterhorn”. It is by far one of the most famous photograph spots from Switzerland.

In winter: 

  • Paradise for skiers and snowboarders or other snow sports
  • Ice skating and curling
  • Restaurants
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    , bars and a lively après-ski scene

  • Boutiques and little stores for souveniers
  • Luxury resorts

In summer: 

  • Paradise for hiking and climbing
  • Nature
  • Paragliding in front of the Matterhorn
  • Restaurants, bars and nice sun terraces
  • Spas to relax
  • Luxury resorts

The whole area is car free and everything is in walking distance. Buses and cable cars bring you up the mountain to take some incredible pictures.

The Hotel prices are high since it is a really famous touristic spot and a must-do if you visit Switzerland. I was lucky and slept at my friends home 615-544-3391 , so I didn’t spend a lot of money that weekend. 

Matterhorn the famous landmark

The Matterhorn is 4478 meters above sea level but still not the highest mountain of Switzerland. That title holds the Dufourspitze with 4634m.

His shape and history makes it one of the most famous mountains in the world. 

To see it up close lets you forget time and just take a breath to let it all in. We had a great day hiking up to this little lake to take some awesome shots and continued to our beer stop.


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, fresh air and a perfect view

A ticket from Zürich mainstation to Zermatt will cost you around 120 swissfranks or even more and the ride takes around 4 hours. It is located at the boarder of France, but don’t worry, english is fine!

Something to have in mind!

Everybody is focused on traveling the world and places that are not in our grasp. New adventures, stories and cultures to find, but we often forget that the places close to us are reachable right now, waiting for you to discover.

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Borobodur Tempe in the dust


We woke up crazy early and expected to enjoy a sunrise from top o the Borobodur temple. But instead of a sunrise we have been surrounded by fog. But instead of disappointment we felt joy of experiencing this huge construction and the surrounding landscape in the hand of the mist.

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The Rock of Guatapé!

A must do if you stay at Medellín!

Guatapé is a small town a 2 hours bus drive away from the trendy and famous city Medellin. It is a perfect one day trip but also a place to stay more than one day! At the Bus Terminal Norte head down to the ground floor and buy your ticket at the ticket booth 14. It will cost you 14 COP like 4.50$ dollars one way!

There are two attractions:

The town Guatapé:

Guatapé is a really small town, the houses are coloured, in the centre are a lot of restaurants and the people are relaxed. There is a church and little stores to buy souvenirs.  I think from there are also activities like a boat tour etc. At the same place the bus dropped you of, you can directly by a ticket to head back to Medellin! If you just want to go to the next attraction you can pay 2 COP for the bus or take a tuktuk motorcycle which drives you to the Rock of Guatapé.

The Rock of Guatapé (El Peñón de Guatapé):

The most important attraction in Guatape is the huge stone … You need to climb up 700 steps till you on the top. I did it without stopping but it was hard. From the gas station you can walk up to the entrance and buy a ticket to go up the stone. Once you arrive at the top you will be speechless! The 360 degrees view is amazing.

The indigenous Tahami 615-544-5148 , former inhabitants of this region, worshiped the rock and called it mojarrá which means rock! In July 1954, the stone was first climbed from Luis Villegas, Pedro Nel Ramirez and Ramón Díaz, with sticks fixed against the walls within 5 days.


Galeria Guatape Hostel:

I stayed for two days in Guatape and slept in a really nice hostel Galeria Guatape Hostel in walking distance to the stone. The host of this hostel and all the people that work there are amazing. You can swim, enjoy a nice view over the lake and enjoy a free Coffee (the best coffee I had in Colombia) whenever you want. The breakfast was just delicious and also included in the price, a restaurant to eat dinner is close by!

Thanks for reading my post Michigan region phone , if you have questions about Guatapé or even Medellín just let me know.

Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life! Travel the World!


Mendoza’s Malbec Wine from Argentina

Today I am going to tell you more about Mendoza a city in Argentina

After my two month of school in Buenos Aires I started my trip in Uruguay Montevideo and my second stop was Mendoza, the home of the Malbec red Wine.

Why Mendoza?

Mendoza is the capital of the province of Mendoza. The City is located on the eastern side of the Andes. If you are interested in hiking, rafting, zip lining, horse riding or sports in general this is the right place for you! But what if you just like to relax and have a good time? No problem, since Mendoza is also a wine region, there are dozens of vineyards, wine cellars to visit.

Depending where you are staying the vineyards can be reached by bicycle, bus or taxi! They offer wine tours mostly in the mornings and show you around, explaining the production and letting you taste there originals Malbec wines!

I stayed at the Lemon Tree Hostel which is outside of the city but really close to all the outdoor activity’s you might want to do! Nice rooms, a pool with a relaxing area, a kitchen and a good prise.


Places to visit are:

Thermas de Cacheuta (hot water springs thermal bath)

Potrerillos (hiking, rafting, zip lining, swimming)

Uspallata (Nature, hiking)

Vineyards near the hostel


Thermas de Cacheuta


So I booked just one night at the Hostel and a flight the next day, because I thought there is nothing to do in the city. I sadly didn’t know that in the province Mendoza you have all this outdoor activities like Zip Lining, Hiking and Rafting including al the Vineyards! So at least stay a couple days to really enjoy your stay! Be smart!

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Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life! Travel the World!