Gazing over the ocean, breathing the salty air and pretending not to realize being photographed

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The Pandanan beach vlog

Driving along the streets of Western Lombok to Pandanan Beach. A beautiful deserted beach where i helped a couple of fishermen to pull their boat out of the sea. on our way back we discovered a abandoned villa. Probably the owner run out of money whilst the construction phase. We started the drone to explore the villa from the air.

My friend the goat

goat feeding

Hanging out with Garry the Goat. Hes a bit greedy but a cool guy though.

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The Senggigi Vlog

Is Senggigi Beach in Lombok a perfect spot worth to travel to? Rent a scooter and drove all the way to Senggigi beach and we were surprised when we arrived. Besides two bigger hotels like the Sheraton and the Kila resort, the beach is not overcrowded because of mass tourism.

Genie in a bottle

genie bottle

Genie in a bottle? Or in a vase?
I need your caption one more time 😂

And swipe left for some more portraits of the forbidden apple shooting!

Vlog update
On the tube i recently uploaded three new vlogs. Ill take you on a roomtour of our fancy hotel room, we discover the worlds biggest Buddhist temple, the Borobodur, and discovered a huge tree in the garden of the Mendut temple. Great travels, check em out and leave me a comment there. See you there.

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The Hotel Vlog

At the same day we left Lombok and flew right into Yogyakarta in Indonesia, also called Jogjakarta. Negotiated a fair taxi price and drove to the luxury Amata Borobodur Resort. Its a hotel close to the famous Borobodur buddhist temple. This temple was the main reason why we traveled to this place. But besides following our plans we had some time left to enjoy this beautiful resort. We knew it will be a nice stay but the interior of our room, the restaurant and pool area were really overwhelming. I can highly recommend to visit the Borobodur and stay in this resort.

indonesia ivan snz

Mendut temple adventure

mendut temple

The Mendut Buddhist temple. Guarded by this old tree.

One of the things i like the most is searching for a spot on the map, grab the cam, explore it and capture it.

I label those places and experiences as “perfspots”. Places and experiences that drags you out of your daily routine. Experiences you’ll remember when thinking back to that time. You don,t really need to travel to find those perfspots! You encounter them in all around you. Just go for them. Wheres your perfspot?

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The Mendut temple Vlog

Whilst our travels to visit the Borobodur we randomly discovered the Mendut temple. Most people travel to see the most famous places. In this case the Borobodur temple. But there is really much more in the area to explore. Really exciting spots. One of them is the Mendut temple. It is only 9 minutes driving distance from the Borobodur Lumbini Park! We gave it a shot because the Mendut Buddhist Monastery was walking distance from the Hotel we were staying.

The Mendut Buddhist Monastery has a very aesthetic architecture and is well fostered. It is not as big as the Borobodur of course but as a unique shape. Especially a huge tree in the garden of the Mendut temple fascinated me. A very old, huge tree. I’ve never seen a tree with vines hanging from the treetop like this one had. Like arms reaching out for you. This place is really worth an adventure!

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Gili Trawangan night scene

gili trawangan night

This is on Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia. Did you know that Gili T (thats how they call it) has a pretty wild nightlife?
It's a lovely little island and i enjoyed the beauty of this piece of land in the middle of the ocean. I was not there to rave through the night but that's what a lot of people do!

The Gili Trawangan Vlog

How is Senggigi Beach on Lombok?

senggigi beach

Is Senggigi Beach in Lombok a perfect spot worth to travel to? Rent a scooter and drove all the way to Senggigi beach and we were surprised when we arrived. Besides two bigger hotels like the Sheraton and the Kila resort, the beach is not overcrowded because of mass tourism. Instead we plenty of space to throw out our towels and enjoy the Indonesian sun. A friendly beach vendor offered us some fresh fruits. we decided to get some pineapple. Right behind the beach bank they built a couple of concrete tables. So if you bring a pick-nick or you'll buy something from a food stand you can comfy sit down and enjoy your lunch with a beautiful beach. Couple of Boats are docked there so you can go on a boat trip if you want to. They also been repairing a boat right there. that was interesting to observe.

All in all we can really recommend a trip to this beach.

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Skyview on a abandoned villa on the hills in Lombok! Natures now the occupant.

The Senggigi Beach Vlog

The Stay

We had our stay not directly in the city of Senggigi. We stayed in a Senggigi district called Mangsit. But the place had scooters for rent so in five minutes we arrived at Senggigi Beach. There are several different options to get around, taxi, public mini buses and private drivers too. The place

The Hotel we stayed in Senggigi

jati mangsit senggigi

more about Indonesia

Indonesia has so much to offer. Explore beautiful layers of rice fields. Visit detail-rich temples or mosques and learn about the Indonesian culture. Drive along stunning landscapes. Hike up a volcano and enjoy the sunrise at the edge of a crater. Grab a board and ride one of those perfectly shaped waves. Eat through Indonesias diverse kitchens. Countless things to do and to see. this is Indonesia.

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A casual airport sunrise

sunrise lombok airport

Packed the bags and woke up early. It rained heavily this night and we had to calculate some extra time to get to the airport because there was a risk for flooded roads. Fortunately we arrived on time. Boarding the plane we have been rewarded with this stunning sunrise reflecting in the water on the runway.

The Vlog