Genie in a bottle

genie bottle

Genie in a bottle? Or in a vase?
I need your caption one more time 😂

And swipe left for some more portraits of the forbidden apple shooting!

Vlog update
On the tube i recently uploaded three new vlogs. Ill take you on a roomtour of our fancy hotel room, we discover the worlds biggest Buddhist temple, the Borobodur, and discovered a huge tree in the garden of the Mendut temple. Great travels, check em out and leave me a comment there. See you there.

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The Hotel Vlog

At the same day we left Lombok and flew right into Yogyakarta in Indonesia, also called Jogjakarta. Negotiated a fair taxi price and drove to the luxury Amata Borobodur Resort. Its a hotel close to the famous Borobodur buddhist temple. This temple was the main reason why we traveled to this place. But besides following our plans we had some time left to enjoy this beautiful resort. We knew it will be a nice stay but the interior of our room, the restaurant and pool area were really overwhelming. I can highly recommend to visit the Borobodur and stay in this resort.

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