Mendut temple adventure

mendut temple

The Mendut Buddhist temple. Guarded by this old tree.

One of the things i like the most is searching for a spot on the map, grab the cam, explore it and capture it.

I label those places and experiences as “perfspots”. Places and experiences that drags you out of your daily routine. Experiences you’ll remember when thinking back to that time. You don,t really need to travel to find those perfspots! You encounter them in all around you. Just go for them. Wheres your perfspot?

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The Mendut temple Vlog

Whilst our travels to visit the Borobodur we randomly discovered the Mendut temple. Most people travel to see the most famous places. In this case the Borobodur temple. But there is really much more in the area to explore. Really exciting spots. One of them is the Mendut temple. It is only 9 minutes driving distance from the Borobodur Lumbini Park! We gave it a shot because the Mendut Buddhist Monastery was walking distance from the Hotel we were staying.

The Mendut Buddhist Monastery has a very aesthetic architecture and is well fostered. It is not as big as the Borobodur of course but as a unique shape. Especially a huge tree in the garden of the Mendut temple fascinated me. A very old, huge tree. I’ve never seen a tree with vines hanging from the treetop like this one had. Like arms reaching out for you. This place is really worth an adventure!

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